Dynamica 12 Strand Fibre Rope

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High-strength ropes made from Dyneema , the world’s strongest fibre.

Dyneema  is more than ten times stronger than steel per unit of weight. This means that these ropes have

a slightly higher strength than a steel wire of the same dimension, but are less than one tenth of the weight.

After two years of exposure, 80% of strength is retained.

The worlds strongest fibres

Dyneema , the world’s strongest fiber, is respected as the premium brand for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.

Abrasion resistant

High resistance to abrasion, moisture, UV radiation, and chemicals.

Bend fatigue resistant

The highly flexible properties of Dyneema fibres ensure excellent resistance to bend fatigue.


Please email contact@cookes.co.nz for sizes larger than 36mm.