Grade 80 Weld-on Hook

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Grade 80 Yoke weld-on hook, available in a range of working load limits. The working load limit (WLL) should be reduced to meet any appropriate legislative requirements if welding on to an excavator. Refer below for welding instructions.

  • Replacement latches available.
  • Design factor 5:1 proof tested and certified. 
  • Manufactured in Taiwan.




The material of the welding block is S355J2+N (1.0577+N, St 52-3N, B.S. 4360.50D, AISI 1019 etc.).

Prior to welding, the contact areas must be free from impurities, oil, paint, rust, scale, etc. All rust must be completely removed from the weld area. Painted surface must be prepared in the same way.

The steel support member must have a carbon content of no more than 0.40%.

If the ambient temperature is 10ºC or below, pre-heating of the weld area prior to welding must be carried out.


The welds must be sufficiently strong to take the required loads.

Before starting the final weld pass, clean the root pass thoroughly to avoid inclusions.

The complete welding operation must be carried out continuously so that the parts do not have time to cool.

Effects of temperature:

The complete construction can be annealed stress release at <600°C without reduction of WLL.

Do not rapidly cool the weld.

A thorough inspection of the weld should be performed. No cracks, pitting, inclusions, notches or undercuts are allowed. If doubt exists, use a suitable NDT method, such as magnetic particle or liquid penetrant to verify.

If repair is required, grind out the defect and re-weld using the original qualified procedure.


Weld materials must have a minimum tensile strength of 70,000 PSI (such as AWS A5.1 E-7018), following the electrode manufacturer’s recommendations. Reference information as below.

MIG arc welding:

Wire diameter 0.8-1.2 as per DIN 8559-SG 3, AWS A 5.18.