Grade L Cookes Anchor Chain - AS2321

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PWB Grade L Anchor Chain is manufactured in short link configuration and meets the requirements of Australian Standard AS2321.

It has a design factor of 4:1 for marine use, which makes it ideal for use as an Anchor Chain.

100% proof tested, batch destructively tested and bend tested on links. All chain is stamped and can be identified to Test Certificate.

  • High quality hot dip galvanised.
  • Chain embossed PWB-L.
  • Manufactured in accordance with AS2321.
  • 4:1 minimum design factor.
  • Full certification available.

*  MWL (Maximum Working Load) enables users to make an informed decision on the choice of product for their intended application. MWL is the maximum load that may be applied to a product in a non-lifting application. Under no circumstances should such products be used in lifting applications.