Green Pin Synthetic Sling Shackle - Screw Pin

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The Green Pin Web Sling Shackle SC is the ideal shackle for lifting with synthetic round and flat web slings. The optimal bearing surface of the shackle crown means the load on the web sling is distributed evenly. As a result, damage to the web sling is minimised and its lifespan extended. 

Wear of the web sling is also minimised as a result of the smooth finish of the shackle. Furthermore, because the load is distributed evenly on the web sling compared to a standard shackle, it is not necessary to reduce the load (WLL) on the web sling. The risk of damage to the web sling that touches the pin is also significantly reduced because the screw thread is completely hidden into the shackle eye. The product is suitable for web slings made according to EU and US standards.

  • Material: Bow and pin alloy steel, Grade 8, quenched and tempered.
  • Design factor: 6:1
  • Temp. Range: -40°C up to +200°C
  • Finish: Painted Green.
  • Certification: This product can be supplied with a works certificate.
  • Tested & Certified.
  • Manufactured in The Netherlands.