Heavy Duty Black Snake Nylon Recovery Strops

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The Black Snake 4WD Recovery Strop is built for serious 4WD users. It is a high performance recovery strop ideal for recreational 4WD, light commercial and industrial vehicles.

The Black Snake 4WD Recovery Strop is manufactured from high strength nylon fibres within a rubber casing. The rubber coating protects the load bearing fibres from the elements and also acts as a dampener. 

Black Snake 4WD Recovery Strops are designed with steel thimble each end for easy attachment and durability. This paired with the flexible nylon core make it easy and safe to use in the toughest of conditions.

  • Nylon fibre core has a smooth stretch of up to 20% assisting in snatch type recovery.
  • Abrasion and cut resistant rubber casing.
  • Far more durable than other fabric snatch straps.
  • Oil, water and dust proof. No cleaning required after use.
  • Each unit has its own individual serial number for traceability.
  • Proven safer than fabric snatch straps.
  • Manufactured in Australia.