KITO Manual Lever Hoists - L5 Series

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World renowned KITO lever hoists are manufactured in Japan to exacting standards. Complying with Australian Standard AS1418.2 the L5 Series lever hoists offer numerous superior features. 

L5 Series lever hoists have earned their position
in the industry providing strength, endurance and reliability across various applications.

  • Compact and lightweight
    • KITO’s technology has realised innovative size and weight reduction. Operability, portability and storage have become easier and more convenient.
  • Operating temperature -20°C to +60°C.
  • Nickel plated chain
    • The nickel plated chain designed, developed and manufactured by KITO has a high strength of 1,000 N/mm2. Besides strength, it is also excellent in both corrosion and wear resistance.
  • High strength frame
    • The frame is an integral structure made of carbon steel. 
  • Lever strength increase
    • Lever strength (bending, torsion and lever support) has been improved by reviewing the shape and the thickness of the lever.
  • Reliable brake performance
    • A unique dry condition brake designed to have strong braking force. 
  • Maintenance improvement
    • Cap nuts are used to tighten the gear case and brake cover. This allows maintenance to occur without damaging the screws.
  • So much more:
    • Unique patented ‘Free Wheeling Hub’.
    • Smaller, lighter, high grade (solid) alloy steel frame construction.
    • Double brake pads with four braking pads.
    • Low headroom design.
    • Double Pawl & Double spring assemblies.
    • Needle & ball roller bearings allow maximum mechanical efficiency with minimum effort.